What is FoundationPress?

FoundationPress is a starter-theme for WordPress based on Foundation 6, the most advanced responsive (mobile-first) framework in the world. The purpose of FoundationPress, is to act as a small and handy toolbox that contains the essentials needed to build any design. FoundationPress is meant to be a starting point, not the final product.

FoundationPress is a free open-source project for everyone who uses WordPress to create websites. It started in late 2013 and has been regularly maintained since then. A big shoutout to all contributors over the years. And of course, a great big thank you to all the talented designers and devs at Zurb who has given us the world’s most advanced mobile-first web framework.

If you find FoundationPress useful, it would be awesome if you would Tweet about it and star the project on Github so others can find it and contribute.

The project uses Sass and Grunt. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s easier to use than you might think. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you will never look back. All you need to get started is described here. In the kitchen-sink template, you can see every single Foundation element in action.