Foundation UI Kit for Adobe XD

Foundation UI Kit for Adobe XD


Spend your precious time on solving real design problems, instead of recreating the standard UI components you need in every project.

Foundation UI Kit for Adobe XD is the new widget library for rapid prototyping for mobile, tablet and desktop. All components are based on Foundation 6, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.

This comprehensive UI Kit helps you create high quality, interactive prototypes fast. Preview components below or download library now. Make sure you have Adobe XD installed.

Preview and download the Foundation UI Kit for Adobe XD:

Reasons to use Adobe XD:

  • Design at the speed of thought
  • Create artwork, wirefreames, screen layouts, interactive prototypes and production-ready assets all in the same app
  • All vector graphics
  • Repeat grid
  • Easy to export assets to iOS, Android and web +++

Reasons you’ll love the new Foundation UI Kit:

  • One visually consistent UI framework
  • Based on Foundation 6 by Zurb
  • You’ll spend more time on solving real design problems
  • Components for mobile, tablet and desktop


  • Accordion
  • Accordion Menu
  • Badge
  • Block Grid
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buttons
  • Button Groups
  • Dropdown Buttons
  • Split Buttons
  • Callout
  • Cards
  • Forms
  • Labels
  • Orbit (slider)
  • Pagination
  • Progress Bars
  • Sliders
  • Tabs
  • Side Nav
  • Sub Nav
  • Tables
  • Thumbnails
  • Title Bar
  • Tooltips
  • Top Bar
  • Type

Feel free to use the UI Kit in an infinite number of projects.

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